Tina Smale

Monday 14th August 2017 - Many congratulations to Tina in Gillingham who is our lucky winner today!  

The win on the Scilly Lottery, certainly made Tina's day!  And she's sent us some great pics to share with everyone, love the expression on the little piggy getting it's head scratched!  It looks like it might have won the lottery!!

P1080729 2.JPG
One is of me on Samson looking over to Bryher and the other two photos are of Babs and her piglets who live at Hillside Farm on Bryher where we stay. They’re a highlight of our visits to the island! Coming to Scilly has become a regular trip for us now - we love the islands so much! We’re booked to come over to Bryher in September so our winnings will now be paying for our trip and the many future trips we’ll be making to the beautiful islands :)

Wow thanks so much!!!! Thanks for making our day!
DSC_7980 2.JPG

David Metcalfe

Monday 7th August 2017 - Congratulations to David in Chippenham who is our lucky lottery winner today!

David was delighted with his win!

That’s brilliant news - I’d heard via the St Martins jungle drums that I’d won but didn’t really believe it. I’ve been playing for almost exactly 10 years (at £2 a week) so I think I’ve just about broken even with the win!
As to what I’ll do with the win - well my partner Kelly and I got engaged a short while back and are planning to marry on St Martins in Easter 2019 so it’s going to go towards the wedding slush fund! I’m also going to use some of it to buy a bottle of something nice and bubbly for my brother Ian Metcalf who currently lives on St Martins, though is sadly leaving the islands for the mainland after 20 years - he got engaged last week and I’d like to help him celebrate.
Radio scilly interview.jpg

Karen Jones (Coningsby)

Monday 17 July 2017 - Our £1000 winner this week is Karen from Coleshill in Worcestershire, many congratulations!

A fantastically Scilly win for Karen, who is a true Scillyphile and who has just tied the knot right here on the islands!

Thank you so much!
I’ve been coming to Scilly for 50 years, I’m only 51! I introduced my partner to the islands last year, he fell in love with them too and proposed to me on the Garrison. We got married here this year on 11th July in Porthcressa Beachside Room, Will played us a request on the day! We have already booked for next year for our first Anniversary. So the money will go towards us returning to Scilly again as it is such a special place for both of us.
I will send you a wedding picture.
Thank you so much you’ve made our last day on scilly more bearable.
Karen and Tom

Karen and Tom

Stephen Liley

Monday 12th June 2017 - Congratulations to Stephen from Cheltenham who is our lottery winner today!

Regular Scilly visitor Stephen is delighted with his lottery win! 

Great surprise!

Next month, I will be back for our 30th visit to the islands with my wife Rachael, my daughter Elli and partner Rory and grandchildren Jamie & Jessica, my brother Adrian, and niece Eve as well as perennial cricket tourists; Bayshill CC (touring the islands since 1985).

Having been interviewed on Radio Scilly last year as Tour Organiser with our Chairman, Peter Van Dyke, I was especially delighted to be informed of the Scilly Lottery win.

I have attached a photo of Bayshill CC last year on Tresco just prior to losing the Gisela & Charles Liley Memorial Cup to Tresco CC.

Stephen Liley

Brian and Heather Lincoln

Monday 15th May 2017 - Congratulations to Brian and Heather from Chester who have been drawn to win the £1000 Scilly Lottery prize today!

WOW! - what a wonderful surprise!! Thank you...a welcome addition to our holiday fund, we may make it to Scilly again!!
Attached is a photo of us both - celebrating Heather’s 70th - in 2014.

Brian and Heather on Scilly in 2014, let's hope their lucky win means they can come back soon!

Brian and Heather on Scilly in 2014, let's hope their lucky win means they can come back soon!

Tony Moore

Monday 8th May 2017 - Congratulations to Tony from Sturminster Newton in Dorset who is our £1000 winner today!

Tony is delighted with his win and sent us this wonderful reply about what he's going to do with the windfall..

Thanks for the information about the win.
As an aside, I’m sure I wrote “Dorset” on my form when I joined the lottery all those years ago. Your website show “Devon”. [Whoops! Now corrected] One of the reasons we moved from London to Dorset, was to be closer to transport to St. Mary’s!
We have been travelling to your beautiful Isles every year for the last 26 years and count down the days till our next trip. We joined the lottery when you first began and am very happy to be a winner. Your discount card has also been very useful, as we love the range of clothes that are sold in Scilly shops.

My car is 13 years old and will need replacing soon, so I’ll be buying some Premium Bonds with the majority of the win, to try to ‘grow’ it a bit. However, I do support a charity which funds a safe house for street children in Medellin, Columbia, called “Let the Children Live”. I’ll be sending them a cheque. I’ll also be sending a cheque back to you as my thank- you for the work that you do in providing the radio service to The Isles of Scilly. It’s a great way for visitors to keep up-to-date, after our annual top-up of Scilly tonic, always on St. Mary’s.

I’ve attached a photo of us looking out over Pelistry, which is one of our favourite places on Scilly.

For the last 10 years or so, two of my sisters have travelled with us, who fortunately get on very well with my wife, but there are occasions when I’m a little ‘over-supervised’!
Kind regards,

Kay Saunders

Monday 10 April 2017 - Our £1000 winner today is Kay from Sutton Coldfield, well done to you, and thanks for supporting Radio Scilly by playing the lottery.  

If you'd like to sign up and be in the draw which takes place every week to win £1000, it's easy - follow the links on the site and get your completed sign up form into those lovely folk at the studio.