Richard & Jane Capstick

Monday 16th September 2019 - Congratulations to Richard and Jane from Exmouth in Devon who are the winners in today’s £1000 draw!

So lovely to hear that Richard and Jane are planning to share the love and support a very worth while and unsung cause with their winnings…

We are going to send our £1,000 winnings to ‘ Shine ‘ and I’d like to take this opportunity to give Shine a “plug”. Shine is the national charity for children and adults with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

These conditions often go together and they affect some thousands of babies born each year and their whole lives are affected.

Their lives are often shortened.

They affect their bodily functions and often they cannot walk.

They can also severely affect their brains and are sometimes fatal.

However the conditions are not very well known and if you’re not born with one of them then you’re OK for life; unlike cancer and many other illnesses which can affect any of us at any time.

Consequently they don’t attract much publicity and the charity is always short of funds to help those affected.

Please would you would give Shine a plug on your lovely Radio Scilly.

Thank you, Dr. Richard and Mrs. Jane Capstick.