David Metcalfe

Monday 7th August 2017 - Congratulations to David in Chippenham who is our lucky lottery winner today!

David was delighted with his win!

That’s brilliant news - I’d heard via the St Martins jungle drums that I’d won but didn’t really believe it. I’ve been playing for almost exactly 10 years (at £2 a week) so I think I’ve just about broken even with the win!
As to what I’ll do with the win - well my partner Kelly and I got engaged a short while back and are planning to marry on St Martins in Easter 2019 so it’s going to go towards the wedding slush fund! I’m also going to use some of it to buy a bottle of something nice and bubbly for my brother Ian Metcalf who currently lives on St Martins, though is sadly leaving the islands for the mainland after 20 years - he got engaged last week and I’d like to help him celebrate.
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