Stephen Liley

Monday 12th June 2017 - Congratulations to Stephen from Cheltenham who is our lottery winner today!

Regular Scilly visitor Stephen is delighted with his lottery win! 

Great surprise!

Next month, I will be back for our 30th visit to the islands with my wife Rachael, my daughter Elli and partner Rory and grandchildren Jamie & Jessica, my brother Adrian, and niece Eve as well as perennial cricket tourists; Bayshill CC (touring the islands since 1985).

Having been interviewed on Radio Scilly last year as Tour Organiser with our Chairman, Peter Van Dyke, I was especially delighted to be informed of the Scilly Lottery win.

I have attached a photo of Bayshill CC last year on Tresco just prior to losing the Gisela & Charles Liley Memorial Cup to Tresco CC.

Stephen Liley