Bird watching is an important part of Scilly life and our islands’ economy.

Although  the numbers of birdwatchers here at the end of the season, in October, was down significantly on previous years, there are still plenty of birds for enthusiasts to see on the islands.

We have our birdwatching report at 10.30am on Saturday with published author and islands ornithology expert, Will Wagstaff.




Will Wagstaff’s Bird Report 18th April 2015

The rare bird, seen only twice in the UK, is still here. On Friday 17th April it was seen on Bryher at 6.30am    

Will Wagstaff’s Bird Report 11th April 2015

Will is on air each Saturday on Radio Scilly at 9.40am. The birds Hoopoes feature in his report this week.    

Jaclyn Pearson On Protecting Greenfinches

Greenfinches are the 5th most common bird in Scilly but don’t even make the UK top 10. It appears that our geographic isolation is protected the birds from a killer parasite that has been spreading on the mainland. Jaclyn Pearson from the RSPB in Scilly talks about their plight.    

Will Wagstaff’s Bird Report 18th Oct 2014

Will brings you a round up of this week’s birding news