Scilly Swim Challenge Making A Splash This Spring

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The Scilly Swim Challenge is making another big splash this Spring with the open water swimming event making a return earlier that usual due to popular demand.

 Dewi Winkle who organises and runs the event along with Nick and Bryony Lishman who run Adventure Scilly on the islands spoke to Will about the Spring Scilly Swim Challenge and what's install for the Spring version.

Dewi said: “ We’re actually in our 4th year and we added the 2 event which follows on from the 1 day event in September, which was a great success last year. The demands there for open water swimming and travel to the islands and Nick I thought that it would make sense to put on the opportunity for people to do the Scilly Swim Challenge for 1 day in Spring.”

The event starts and finish’s on St. Mary's and take the competitors across all the inhabited islands and the course (subject to weather conditions) is made up of6 swims averaging 2.5 km (total 15km) and 6 walks averaging 1.7 km (total 10km) and is practically the same as the usual Scilly Swim Challenge.

Dewi added: “We’re copying the what we do in September purely because we know it works, we know it works well, we understand the logistics and more importantly the safety required for everyone who’s taking part.

We’re limiting the numbers to 75 where as the September events are 150 just to make sure we’re happy, and we can cater if there are differences in May.”

Dewi added: “The only main difference is the temperature of the water. We’re expecting the water to be slightly colder in May than in September.”

The Spring Scilly Swim Challenge takes place on 20th May 2017. To find out more inclucding how you can signup for the Spring Scilly Swim Challange as well as the Scilly Swim Challenge in September go to You can listen to the full interview with Dewi bellow.