Rough Island Band To Perform On Scilly This Evening

RIB poster scilly 2018 JPEG.jpg

The iconic Rough Island Band will perform at the Methodist Chapel on St Mary's this evening. 

This will be the groups only gig on Scilly this year and this will be the first time they've performed material from their latest album This Island of Yours... on Scilly.

The album was released last year on the mainland. 

The Rough Island Band formed on St Agnes in 2009 "when an island piper whistled in the wind for three musicians in love with the place and its people" and are comprised of John Elliott, Joe Keelan, Piers Lewin, James Sills and guest fiddler Giles Lewin. 

Following on from tomorrow evening's gig the group will go on a UK wide tour in November with gigs stretching from Cornwall to North Yorkshire. 

Next year is going to be a special year for the Rough Island Band as they mark 10 years since they formed and according to James Sills from Rough Island Band, they've some exciting things up their sleeves.  For more information on the group please go to

Will was joined on the phone by James to talk about this evening's performance, what's in store for next year and the album. Will and James started off by talking about the background to the song Porthloo Polkas.