River Cottage Author To Lead Foraging Experiences On St Martin's This Weekend

John Wright will be on St Martin's this weekend.

John Wright will be on St Martin's this weekend.

John Wright, forager and author of the River Cottage Handbooks Mushrooms, Edible Seashore, Hedgerow and Booze will be on St Martin's over the weekend leading a series of foraging experiences. 

John is a familiar face from the River Cottage series. He recently described himself as "One of those very lucky people who have managed to turn a hobby (chiefly fungus hunting) into a job. Until recently I worked as a country cabinet maker (also a hobby which turned into a job, as it happens), now I spend my time foraging, and encouraging others to forage through my writing, forays, talks and, occasionally, tv and radio appearances. If you think this sounds at all fun then you are quite right." 

He later added: "Over the last couple of years I have taken another interest of mine - home-brewing - to absurd lengths. I have been writing an occasional blog in the Guardian on the subject and preparing a new book for River Cottage, unashameably called "Booze". Most fun of all has been beer-making. I have made some wonderful beers and I love the making process itself." 

For further details contact Karma St Martin's on 01720 422368 or email reception@karmastmartins.com

Will was joined on the phone by Scott Fisher from Karma St Martin's to find out more.