Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Sticky Mouse-Ear

Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Sticky Mouse-Ear.

Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Sticky Mouse-Ear.

This week's Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week was Sticky Mouse-Ear, Cerastium Glomeratum. 

Sticky Mouse-Ear is found on all the inhabited islands in cultivated fields and on the roadside.

It is a common plant here and on the mainland, but the island Sticky Mouse-Ear often appears more robust and bigger. This may be the Galapagos effect. We are small archipelago and species do change under these circumstances. Or we might just have the perfect habitat for this little plant.

Sticky Mouse-Ear is one of our little white flowers. This little white flower has five notched petals and the flower heads grow in dense clusters. It has also overdone the sticky glandular hairiness which differentiates it from a close relative, the Common Mouse-Ear, which has loose flower heads and is less sticky. If you really want to check which is which, whip out the hand lens and look at the sepals. Sticky Mouse-Ear doesn't have silvery margins.

The botanical name, Cerastium Glomeratum, means a plant that has a feature like a horn, in this case the seeds, that has flowers that cluster in a head.

As always don't try to eat or medicate with any plant unless you know what you're doing. In ancient China Sticky Mouse-Ear was used as a wild food. Medically, if you put the juice of Sticky mouse-ear on your forehead it will relieve headache and if you have a nosebleed put the juice up your nose.

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