Five Islands School IEB Update Parents & Carers On Future Of School

The Five Islands School St Mary's Base at Carn Gwaval. 

The Five Islands School St Mary's Base at Carn Gwaval. 

The Five Islands School IEB (Interim Executive Board) have sent a letter home to parents and carers about the future of the school now the academic year has started. 

The letter can be read in full below:

"Dear Parents/Carers,
Welcome back to the new term and the first update from the IEB. I do hope you had a happy and enjoyable summer. An enormous well done to all of our year 11 students for all of their hard work, and a big thank you to the staff who supported them.
There’s never to be a dull moment and over the summer we’ve had some changes at the MAT governance level that I wanted to make you aware of.

What has changed?
When Venture MAT were first chosen as a sponsor many of us noted that the merger between Trevithick and Mounts Bay academies was not formalised, and despite Sara Davey and Sean Powers working as an effective and united team over here it has not proven possible at this stage to merge the two governing boards and proceed with the sponsorship bid under a united ‘Venture MAT’.

What will happen next?
The regional school’s commissioner will need to revisit the process to secure a sponsor. The good news is that Mounts Bay Academy are putting together a bid to form the MAT themselves. Both Mounts Bay and Trevithick schools are still committed to working closely together, Mounts Bay are additionally talking to other primary partners and are busy bringing all the required information together. There is no guarantee at this stage that they will be chosen but they are 100% committed to this aim and have the full support of the IEB. A MAT, based at Mounts Bay where Sara Davey is based with her large admin, HR, premises and finance teams makes a tremendous amount of good sense.

What impact will this have on our school?
This development is a little unsettling and frustrating. However, in terms of impact on the children, day to day operations, systems being put in place and support for our staff it should have absolutely no impact whatsoever for the following reasons:

Sean Powers and Trevithick Primary are totally committed to continuing their role as our primary support partners with Sean remaining as the strategic primary lead. This support will continue for the foreseeable future.

Sara Davey and Mounts Bay are totally committed to continuing their role as our secondary support partners with Sara remaining as the strategic secondary lead and executive head. This support will continue for the foreseeable future.

Jo Yeates will continue her role as operational, interim head of school and is still contracted to fulfil this role to August 2018.
Please do rest assured that this change is mostly about the MAT name, governance, legality and financial efficiencies and that all of the school improvement work, adventure ethos, strong professional relationships and people involved will remain the same.

Also, for absolute clarity, just as before, the IEB remain the accountable body in the school, Jo Yeates remains head of school dealing with operational day to day management, Sean Powers remains primary strategic lead and Sarah Davey, secondary strategic lead and overall executive head.
As always, I will endeavour to keep you fully informed as each stage as this develops and please do get in contact if you have any further questions.
Best Wishes
Chair of the IEB, Five Islands School"

You can contact Jackie by email with any questions/queries by email at We'll have further updates for you on the future of the Five Islands School in due course.