Further Fuel Thefts Take Place In Scilly

St Mary's harbour from the Rackabite Slip on St Mary's. 

St Mary's harbour from the Rackabite Slip on St Mary's. 

Further fuel thefts have taken place in Scilly this week with some reports of fuel being replaced with water.

PC Nic Gould spoke to Will on The Morning Show about the recent spate of thefts and confirmed that further thefts had taken place this week.

The St Mary's policing team issued a statement on Isles of Scilly - Community Safety Partnership Facebook page towards the end of last month after fuel was stolen from the RNLI Inflatable lifeboat. The full statement can be read here.

Despite this message and condemnation from members of the public on social media fuel is still being taken. 

Nic told Will on the morning show that the Police would be taking measures such as DNA and other forms forensic testing to catch the person/people responsible but would not give anything away which could tip off the person/people responsible. 

Anyone with any further information or evidence should contact the St Mary's Police team on 01720 422444 or anonymously to Crimestoppers. Listen to the full interview below.