St Mary's Lifeboat Crew Member Seriously Injured During Rescue

The RNLI have released an official statement confirming that a crew member from St Mary’s Lifeboat Station sustained a serious injury whilst out on service Monday night and that an investigation is underway. 

The statement reads as follows:

"At approximately 8.15pm, St Mary’s all-weather lifeboat reported a serious injury to one of their crew members during a service call to help members of the public on-board a yacht which was aground on rocks. 

The crew member received medical attention at the scene and has since been taken to hospital for further treatment.

We would like to thank the crew, Coastguard and emergency services whose incredibly quick reactions and casualty care were amazing in making sure the injured crew member got the help they needed. We have visited the injured crew member in hospital and are now offering support to them, their family and the rest of the crew.

The RNLI’s number one focus is of course on their welfare and the welfare of the station. 

Whilst it’s important that RNLI staff and volunteers are aware of this incident and will naturally be concerned, we would ask you to please respect the privacy of those involved during this difficult time."