From Scilly To Shetlands - Epic Walk For APS Support UK Starts For Second Time

Phil Godfrey in the RadIo Scilly Studio. 

Phil Godfrey in the RadIo Scilly Studio. 

Phil Godfrey has re-started his epic walk to Shetland from the Isles of Scilly, raising money and awareness for the charity APS Support UK after having to abandon his first attempt due to injury. 

Early on in the walk Phil suffered a serous calf injury and is doing the walk in stages on Doctors advice. 

Phil was not able to start in the Isles of Scilly first time around too due to the weather so he's decided to start again from Scilly this time around and he expects it to take him around 2 years to complete. 

Phil's reason for taking on this challenge is in memory of his late wife Christine who sadly passed away in January 2015 from APS after a decade long battle.  

They enjoyed many walking holidays together, and Phil’s response to his loss has been to plan this epic journey in Christine’s memory and is determined to complete it however long it takes. 

Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is an under-diagnosed, incurable life-threatening autoimmune condition that causes the blood to clot too quickly. The condition can cause potentially fatal events such as strokes, heart attacks, blood clots in the lung and DVTs, and is a leading cause of recurrent miscarriage and still birth.

Phil has almost raised £42,000 for the charity and since this interview he's raised the total he's aiming for again to £50,000.

The money that has already been raised has allowed APS Support UK to produce an E-learning module for GP's to help with raising awareness and early diagnosis. From now on, the money raised will go into research with the hope of finding a cure. 

For more information on APS Support UK click here and you can go straight to Phil's Just giving page here. Will's interview with Phil on this incredible walk is available to listen to in full below.