Speak Cornish In Scilly!


It is “Speak Cornish Week on the Mainland” which Scilly is taking part in for the first time and Islanders and visitors alike are challenged to say something in Cornish this week. 

Cornish or Kernewek is the national language of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  It was spoken as a community language until about 1800 and then gradually fell into disuse.  However, the Cornish Language never really left these islands and some elements are still spoken each and every day. 

Kernewek lives on in the islands place names (for example Trenoweth - New Farm, Periglis - Church Cove,) and also in the local dialect and those “odd expressions” Scillonians' are heard to remark Kernewek is a recognised minority language of the United Kingdom, protected under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, and has a growing number of speakers.

For the first time Scilly will be supporting our Celtic cousins on Mainland Cornwall, during the annual “Speak Cornish Week 2017.” The Cornish language partnership, MAGA, are hosting this annual event and are encouraging locals and visitors alike, to get involved. 

All of the information is on www.learncornishnow.com where you can also find fun phrases to try, an overview of the Speak Cornish Week, as well as a link to the calendar of events, and further updates.

At several locations around Hugh Town there are leaflets with a few Cornish phrases – including how to “say hello,” “order drinks at the pub or cafe” and of course some popular “chat up lines!” Leaflets are available aroundHugh Town – including the Library, the Post Office, the Health Centre (Cornish is good for your health!) and several pubs and cafes. 

A big than you to John Goody for this information who we are hoping to speak to in the near future. A copy of the flyer/leaflet is attached. Have fun!