Local Website Could Save You Money On Accommodation

Image Courtesy of bookpenzance.com. 

Image Courtesy of bookpenzance.com. 

A brand new accommodation booking website has just launched in Penzance which will offer you better rates on accommodation in Penzance compared to larger travel fare and accommodation comparison websites. 

The website -  bookpenzance.com was set up by  accommodation providers in the Penzance area with support from the Penzance & District Tourism Association  

Jon Matthews from the Woodstock Guest House who is spearheading the initiative said: "It's a chance for people to book direct with the local guest houses around the Penzance area, so you don't need to go through an online travel agent."

"What you're doing is going direct to the guest houses and by doing so what you are in effect doing is getting the best price as the big online travel agents charge big commission."

Jon did some research with the Penzance & District Tourism Association into accommodation in Penzance and according to Jon and estimated £400,000 is going to online travel agents. Jon added: "That is money Penzance could do with. We would much rather have that reinvested back into guest houses, provide cheaper prices to people and up standards in accommodation."  

To find out more listen to the full interview with Jon below.