Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Shaggy Soldier

This week's Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week was Shaggy-Soldier - Galinsoga Quadriradiata.

Shaggy-Soldier is quite a rare plant on the islands and is usually found in arable fields on Tresco and St Mary's. Oddly, there used to be a small colony in the Thoroughfare, in Hugh Town. 

Shaggy-Soldier has been described as a Daisy that lost a fight. Even botanists describe it as having weedy habits. It has small flowers in loose clusters. The centre of the flower is made up of tiny yellow flowers, disc florets, so it looks like it is full of holes. White petal like rays, 4-5 to a flower, are three lobed. The leaves are oval with a point, toothed, and are alternate up the stem.

Edible, but the hairy leaves are unpleasant. There is also a very similar plant, which we don't get here, which is toxic. As ever please don't eat anything unless you know what you're doing. In traditional medicine it is used to soothe nettle rash.

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