Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Silverweed

Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Silverweed.

Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Silverweed.

This week's Isles of Scilly wildflower of the week was Silverweed - Potentilla Anserina.

Silverweed grows on wet grassland on all the inhabited islands, Northwethel, Samson and Great Ganilly.

Silverweed always seems to me to be two plants. First you get the lovely grey green toothed leaves with the beautiful silver underneath carpeting the grassland. It is a very distinctive texture and colour in the landscape.

Then up pops the very occasional yellow five petalled, many anthered, flower. The silver appearance is produced by silky hairs. There is a form here with silver on both sides of the leaves.

The botanical name, Potentilla Anserina, means a group of plants that contains many or some which are powerful medicine and it is considered to be very tasty by geese.

A common name is Travellers ease or joy, as it was thought that if packed into your shoes or boots it would stop sore and sweaty feet. The plant does survive trampling very well which may have suggested the practice of lining footwear.

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