Fraser Hicks Previews The Upcoming Tripper Boat Season

Fraser Hicks putting a final lick of paint on his vessel - Sea King. 

Fraser Hicks putting a final lick of paint on his vessel - Sea King. 

With the official start of the tripper boat season for the St Mary's Boatman's Association just two week's away legendary boatman Fraser Hicks popped into the studio to have a chat with Will about the upcoming season.

Despite the tripper boats being out the water for the majority of the winter months, it’s a very busy time of the year for the boatmen. This is the time where annual maintenance and checks are carried out to ensure their boats are ready for the next season.

Some of the maintenance is carried out here on the islands but some it involves taking the boats over to the mainland.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) also come over to islands to inspect the vessels and check their seaworthiness ahead of the season.

According to Fraser they come over and carry out two inspections. One in the mid-winter period, where they carry out a hull inspection of the vessels and then running trials in the spring, just before the season starts.

Some of the boats have already launched and the boatmen are performing final sea checks, and the inspections from the MCA are due to place in the 10 days or so ahead of the start of the official season which starts on 1st April.

When asked about the upcoming season Fraser said: “It’s nice to be out on the water – I love it. Hopefully it will be a good summer.”

Fraser also briefly talked about his incredible holiday with his wife Julie to Argentina, Chile, and Falkland Islands over the Christmas and New Year period.

We look forward to having Fraser back on the red sofa Monday – Saturday around 9:15am with the daily boat times once the season begins at the beginning of April.

You can listen to Will’s chat with Fraser in full below.