Charity Walk To Shetland From Land's End For APS Support UK Gets Underway

Phil Godfrey preparing for his epic walk.

Phil Godfrey preparing for his epic walk.

Phil Godfrey has started a walk of just under 1,400 miles to raise awareness and funds for the medical charity APS Support UK.

Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is an under-diagnosed, incurable life-threatening autoimmune condition that causes the blood to clot too quickly. The condition can cause potentially fatal events such as strokes, heart attacks, blood clots in the lung and DVTs, and is a leading cause of recurrent miscarriage and still birth.

Phil was supposed to start off on his epic walk from St Agnes but was unable to make it over to Scilly last week due to bad weather and therefore set off from Land’s End.

His incredible journey will finish at the northern tip of the Shetland Islands and Phil will pass through over 70 towns in 16 counties in his five-month trek of the UK.

The Walk is a tribute to Phil’s wife, Christine. Married in June 1972, Phil and Christine enjoyed 42 happy years together. However, Christine was diagnosed with APS in 2005 and sadly passed away in January 2015.  They enjoyed many walking holidays together, and Phil’s response to his loss has been to plan this epic journey in Christine’s memory.

Phil hopes to raise £45,000 and he has already been working hard fundraising by holding events, such as raffles, auctions, barn dances, quizzes, and bucket collections. His undertaking is the greatest individual endeavor ever made in support of the charity and is indeed a fitting tribute to his late wife and he’s already raised over £35,000. 

APS Support UK will be appealing for people with APS in the towns Phil is staying in to share their stories.

The national charity, APS Support UK, aims to achieve earlier diagnosis for patients and offer support to anyone affected by APS through awareness, education, and research.

You can find out more APS Support UK here and listen to Zoe chatting to Phil below. We’ll be catching up with Phil on Friday’s Morning Show to find out how he’s getting. You can donate by going to Phil's JustGiving Page here