Isles Of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week - Sea Bindweed

Liz Askins Isles of Scilly wildflower of the week was Sea bindweed - Calystegia Soldanella.

Sea Bindweed is found on dunes and coastal sites on all the inhabited islands and some of the uninhabited islands.

The pink trumpet shaped flowers have a yellowish middle and five white stripes radiating from the centre to the edge of the petals. The leaves are kidney shaped and grow alternately along the main stem. The plant is hairless and can sprawl along the sand for up to a metre.

The botanical name, Calystegia soldanella, translates to a plant that has a cup and covering, which refers to the bracts holding the flower and an Italian coin to indicate that there is a feature that is round. In this case the leaves. Other bindweeds have more heart-shaped leave.

You can find out more about Sea Bindweed below and listen to next week's Isles of Scilly Wildflower Of The Week with Liz on Wednesday at 10:30am