Cornish Comedian Has A Laugh With Radio Scilly

Images courtesy of Colin Leggo.

Images courtesy of Colin Leggo.

Legendary Cornish comedian Colin Leggo spoke to Jennie at Radio Scilly. Colin and Jennie go back a little way and Colin kindly agreed to have a chat on Radio Scilly and make us laugh a little during Saturday’s Breakfast Show.

Colin become an internet superstar after he famously produced and voiced a spoof video “Grand Theft Cornwall”.

In the YouTube video he dubbed over the voices of the characters in the popular computer game series Grand Theft Auto with Cornish accents and themes.

In 2014 Colin became a below knee amputee and whilst waiting for the operation his friend lent him Grand Theft Auto to keep him entertained.

“I was waiting around on my sofa for an operation date and a friend lent me his play station...I was getting more angry about playing the game than actually losing my leg so I started giving the characters on screen Cornish accents and pretending they were people I knew..."

The video currently has over 385,000 views on YouTube and has just celebrated it's third anniversary.

Colin has also come up with Car Pun game - Inspired by James’ Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, where he drives around with other comedians (including his Dad) making up puns based on what they hear on the radio!

Colin will be taking part in the UK Pun Championships on Feb 13th in Leicester, representing his home county of Cornwall.

In case you missed the interview, click on the link below!