Your Scilly Fitness With Ian Nimmo - Training Cycles

In this week's Instalment of Your Scilly Fitness with Ian Nimmo, Will and Ian talked about training cycles.

According to Ian a training cycle is "Designed to prevent you from going flat out whenever you go to the gym. It's an idea to let your body work in system where why by it will work to exhaustion effectively and then it will have the necessary time to recover before restarting the cycle again." Ian added: "The aim of this is prevent a plateau or collapse” and that “A lot of people do this naturally and others do it very structured.”

Over the course of this episode Ian talks about this subject and goes into more detail and depth. Ian also talked about the importance of rest and recuperation during exercise and this important aspect of a training cycle.

In the next instalment of Your Scilly Fitness Will and Ian will be talking about diet and how to figure out which diet is the right one for you. You can hear this week’s episode below.