Possibility Of Further Fires On Gugh Following Monday's Blaze

Looking out to St Agnes from Gugh from earlier on in the year. 

Looking out to St Agnes from Gugh from earlier on in the year. 

There is the possibility of further fires on the Island of Gugh in the Isles of Scilly after Monday's blaze due to the forecast of strong winds in the coming days.

The fire broke out in the later part of Monday afternoon after the strong winds from storm Ophelia reignited a controlled fire on the island which had been carried out approximately 72 hours beforehand by the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust.

The Wildlife Trust were carrying out scrub clearance of invasive non-native pittosporum from the heathland and gorse removal from the paths.

St Agnes fire crew were in attendance and were successful in halting the spread of the fire. The crew then continued to monitor the fire through the night. 

A fire break around the island’s 2 properties was set up to protect them. There was no one living on the island at the time of the fire. 

On Tuesday morning a crew from St Mary’s, together with 4 members of the Wildlife Trust, joined the St Agnes crew and set up a water reservoir at the bar and spent some time walking the headlands damping down small pockets of fire that had spread into the peat soil.

In a statement released to Radio Scilly from the Isles of Scilly Fire and Rescue Service it was stated that "Unfortunately it seems the fire lay dormant and subsequently reignited following the high winds from Storm Ophelia, affecting a large area of north east Gugh."

The statement later added: "Strong winds are forecast over the coming days so there is a possibility of further visible outbreaks of fire. The Fire and Rescue Service are monitoring the situation and have put in place precautionary measures should re-ignition occur.”