Regional Musician Releases EP Inspired By Gig Rowing

By Will Lethbridge

Regional Folk Musician Mike Charles has released his first EP under the name of Six Sick Sheep. The 3 track EP is part of an ongoing project that Mike's been wanting to write for years. 

Mike very kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to speak to Will on Radio Scilly and talk about the EP “The Pilot Gig.”

When asked where he came up with name for the group Mike said “ I was playing a bit of Folk music with a few friends a few years ago and we wanted a name which would be a bit difficult for somebody who was introducing us to actually to say. We thought it would bring out a smile in the audience when the band was introduced and we kind of kept up with it.”

Mike also added “I wanted to put them out under a particular name. I’ve written, performed and recorded songs under my own name but I wanted a particular name for my Folk material.”

The inspiration for the EP and the song “The Pilot Gig” came from a trip to Devon when Mike came across a Gig rowing event in Salcombe at the end of May 2015.

Mike said, “There was Gig rowing event going on and even though I’ve lived in the South West all my life I had never really heard of Gig rowing. We really enjoyed the event and we could see there was a lot of competition but there was great fun going on as well.”

Later on Mike added, “Having seen it I felt I had to go away and look at the history around the subject.” That was where the idea for the EP and song came from.

Mike’s got further plans for Six Sick Sheep and hopes to make it over to Scilly for the World Pilot Gig Championships at the end of April and beginning of May.

You can find out more about Six Sick Sheep and by logging onto their website where you can find the links to download the EP.

You can listen to the full interview with Mike below.