Harbour Report With Dale Clark


It might be a quiet time of year with only a handful of vessels in St Mary’s harbour but they’re still busy with maintenance and meetings ahead of what is shaping up to be another busy year the Harbour is open on a normal day to day basis.

Plans are already underway for the Scillonian’s return to Scilly later on in the year.

Frequent off island boating continues, the Gry Maritha is making her regular 3 trips a week to Scilly and the Lyonesse Lady is busy making sure the all the islands remain stocked and in full operation.

KML will be looking to make a few trips over to the islands in the near future to help move some of the debris and rubble from the old school. They’ve got 4 full skips waiting to removed from the islands and they will bring a few back with them. The Wring Group who are carrying out the work are gradually edging closer to completing the demolition and removal of the building.

Dale and the team will be working with the Isles of Scilly’s Inshore Fisheries nd Conversation Authority (IFCA) next week on the Pegasus. IFCA have got some specialist underwater cameras, and pieces of kit on Scilly at the moment and they will be testing it out and conducting some underwater surveys around the harbour.

The ongoing maintenance schedule continues including all the usual painting and decorating as well as major work on the quay fender which Dale said is going to be a big job.

Work is due to start in the next week or 2 and will be ongoing for 5-6 weeks and materials are starting arrive for this job. The maintenance on the Atlantic slipway is due to start in the next week and is expected to take around 12 weeks.

You can hear this week’s full Harbour Report with Dale below.