High Turnout And Positive Feedback at Public Exhibition On Proposed Helicopter Service

There was a high turnout for the public exhibition of the plans to reinstate a helicopter link between the Isles of Scilly and the mainland on Friday and the immediate feedback was positive. 

When asked about the turnout Robert Dorrien-Smith said it had been “Incredibly good, very exciting and everyone very positive” and that “we’ve been overwhelmed with enthusiastic people.”

The public exhibition took place today at the Old Wesleyan Chapel on St Mary’s and saw a constant flow of people coming in, looking at the plans and asking questions about the initiative to reinstate a helicopter service to the islands. 

Over 250 islanders and visitors attended the St Mary’s public exhibition between 12:30pm and 3pm today. The support in favour of reinstating the helicopter service was incredible with 99 percent stating on the feedback forms that they support the proposal. 118 forms were completed with 117 in support. Further feedback and details will follow in the coming days. 

Robert said to Will “What we would like to learn is from islanders is firstly do you want it? Are we on the right lines? Do you think it would help make life on the islands better? And are there things we’ve overlooked in terms of the detail of the proposal.”

The plans outline the key points that will potentially go into building a new heliport at Jelbert Way, near to the site of the former heliport on Eastern Green. The plans look at, and take into consideration aspects that include factors to local residents near the proposed new site and environmental factors as well as logistical factors and how the service can benefit the people of Scilly, Penzance and visitors who come over to Scilly and down to West Cornwall. Further details include more about operational logistics and the helicopter itself. 

The Public Exhibition Taking Place 

The Public Exhibition Taking Place 


Will also spoke to Kathy Stedeford who has spent 50 years of her life in Scilly, has owned businesses and is highly respected and well known in the tourism industry on the islands. Kathy is a familiar face in community and was on hand to chat with local residents and answer questions. She said “It’s about getting the word out to as many people as possible”.

Proposed Site For Heliport

Proposed Site For Heliport

A point that Robert and Kathy both reiterated is that this is not just as service that benefits Tresco - it's one that benefits all the islands. At the moment they are looking about a third of flights operating to Tresco and two thirds going to St Mary’s.

You will be able to hear Will in conversation with Robert Dorrien-Smith and Kathy Stedeford on The Morning Show this Monday with a round up and all the further developments.

In the meantime you can here from local MP Derek Thomas and the Assistant Marketing Manager at Tresco Estate Tom Matthews below.