2nd shout in 2 days for St Marys lifeboat after speedboat runs aground off Tean

The St Marys Lifeboat was launched for a second time in two days after a speedboat run aground on Rascals Ledge and the single person onboard had fallen overboard.

The Lifeboat launched at 3:30pm yesterday afternoon and already on scene were two local vessels Gemini 2 and the tripper boat Surprise.

The two vessels with a dinghy from the Surprise had retrieved the person from the water who had been in for approximately 15 – 20 minutes and was being warmed up and cared for.

The person was transferred to the lifeboat from the Gemini 2 in St Helens Pool for assessment whilst the speedboat was secured astern. The person was cold but unharmed and given a coat, hat and lifejacket as his had gone off in the water.

They had also and stopped, secured and taken the speedboat alongside the Gemini 2. The person was then transferred by the Lifeboat’s Y- boat to Old Grimsby and into the care of family and a member of Tresco’s Coastguard Rescue Team.

Meanwhile a crewman of the Lifeboat steamed the speedboat over to a nearby moorings and secured the vessel. All 3 crew then returned to the lifeboat and returned to station.

The Post on Facebook by St Marys RNLI Lifeboat Station added a safety message in the post with regards to the correct usage of kill cords and dead man switches.

“This incident was caused by the person not correctly securing the kill cord to his leg. It was only clipped to the fabric of the shorts. So when the boat took a lunge and the person fell overboard the clip came off the fabric rather than pulling the dead man stop and so cutting the engine”.

“The boat continued into the ledge with the engine still running. Kill cords should be clipped back onto themselves and preferably around the leg rather than the wrist as it is prone to en-entanglement round the steering wheel or throttle when clipped to the wrist. Around the leg also means that the driver cannot move too far from the wheel without activating it. From the wrist you could actually be hanging over the side of the boat without it working.”

The post ended with a reminder to test your kill cord and dead man switch to make sure it works.

The crew were made up of Pete Hicks, Chris Jenkins, Kevin Sherris, Clive Sibley, Richard Mills, Dan May and Dan Moulson and passed along their thanks to the Gemini 2 and Surprise for their help.