Coxswain of St Marys Lifeboat stresses Importance of Kill Cords and Life jackets

The Coxswain of the St Marys Lifeboat Pete Hicks recently came into the studio to have a chat with Will about general boat safety after there were two shouts at the beginning of last week.

These two instances have highlighted issues involving Kill Cords and Lifejackets. Pete spoke at great length about Kill Cords, the correct use of them as well as maintenance and the importance of replacing them regularly.  

Pete also reiterated their safety point on Lifejackets, highlighting their importance and stating "wear them as soon as you're on the boat". 

The St Marys Lifeboat will be alongside the quay on St Marys this Thursday, 18th August for their annual flag day, were you have the chance to meet the crew and have a look round the Lifeboat.

 You can hear the full interview with Coxswain of the St Marys Lifeboat Pete Hicks below.