This Week's Harbour Report with Dale Clark

Harbourmaster Dale Clark joined Will in the studio for this week’s Harbour Report on Thursday.

As we move into the festive weekend things have been gradually starting to wind down for the year but it's still busy at times down on the quay and in the harbour with the last minute deliveries for Christmas and New Year. 

The Gry Maritha is still busy shipping those last minute presents and supplies to the islands. Dale said “It’s been a busy morning on quay, very hectic as you can imagine and this time of year there are a few more items being ordered perhaps not the huge rush which we anticipated.” Dale followed on from that by saying “It’s still busy for the Gry boys they do a cracking job right throughout the year and are working up till Christmas Eve.” They’re hoping to get them away this evening if they can.

The weather is looking very windy this weekend and we can’t rule out more rain. We’ve not got majorly high tides so despite this we shouldn’t haven’t any issues with flooding. Dale said “We would advise anybody if you don’t need to go boating don’t do it. It is very quiet out on the water and It can be pretty treacherous this time of year especially with the light. It so dark in the mornings and dark very early in afternoons. If you don’t need to go boating don’t event think about it especially with the forecast weather we’ve got coming up over the next few days.”

They’re still busy with on-going maintenance and they’re about to start the work on the Atlantic Slipway at the beginning of the new year.

It’s been a good year for the islands tourism industry. According to Dale “Visitor numbers appear to be on the up. Cruise ship numbers and Scillonian III passengers are very healthy and we’re looking forward to next year. We got more vessels arriving and hopefully more passengers on the Scillonian.”

Thanks to Dale and all on the quay who have done so much for Scilly this year, especially during the festive period – have a great Christmas and New Year.  You can hear the full report with Dale below.