Avian Flu Prevention Procedures In Scilly Update

Image courtesy of www.gov.uk

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have issued mandatory procedures after a form of Avian Flu has been discovered in Europe.

The Government Chief Vet has declared a Prevention Zone introducing enhanced biosecurity requirements for poultry and captive birds, helping protect them from a strain of avian flu circulating in mainland Europe.

The zone covers England and will remain in place for 30 days. Declarations have also been made by the Scottish Government and Welsh Government.

In response to the declaration, the council of the Isles of Scilly is carrying out inspections and contacting all known keepers of poultry and other captive birds.

Environmental Health Officer, David Currie, and Animal Health Inspector, Heike Dorn, will be contacting premises to check that the arrangements are suitable and offering advice in order to ensure compliance with this declaration from Defra.

Avian influenza controls are enforced by local authorities. Breach of controls is an offence, with a penalty of up to £5,000 on summary conviction and up to 3 months’ imprisonment per offence. In the event of a refusal to comply with the declaration, the council may be required to take enforcement action.

If you have any questions about the declaration, please don’t hesitate to contact the Council of the Isles of Scilly on 01720 424317 or you can email environmentalhealth@scilly.gov.uk.

You can also find out more information relating to Avian Flu and the producers in place from the Council of the Isles of Scilly by logging onto www.scilly.gov.uk

These measures apply from 14:30 on 6 December 2016 until 14:30 on 6 January 2017.

You can find the full details from Defra by clicking the link bellow.

Will was joined on The Morning Show by the Isles of Scilly’s Vet and Animal Health Inspector, Heike Dorn to talk about the messures in place and what you should do if you own poultry. You can hear the full interview bellow.