Fundraising Update Children’s Hospice South West

Will was joined in the studio on Tuesday’s Morning Show by Helen Glenn from The Children’s Hospice South West to talk about work the team on Scilly have been doing to raise money for the charity over the season.

Helen has got more involved in organising the fundraising activities over the last year and George and Margaret Teideman have been raising money for many years for the Children’s Hospice South West.

When asked how she got involved with the charity Helen said, “I find it a bit of a no brainer as far as a charity to support because you don’t have to think too deeply to want to help in this situation.”

Little Harbour in St Austell, the closest Children’s Hospice South West to Scilly needs £2.9 million a year to run alone.

Helen said, “it’s a vast amount of money so there are a lot of activities going on throughout the whole of the South West to raise money for this charity and it’s important I think that Scilly plays a part too. We’ve never ever had to use the hospice for a child from Scilly and lets hope we never do.”

She also added, “The facility is there and it’s so important to families that have to use it.”

Last year the team raised £7000 for The Children’s Hospice South West and they're hoping to match it, if not better the sum they raised.

Their next event will be the raffle at The Atlantic’s Christmas Fayre on Saturday the 26th November where the proceeds of the raffle will go to the Children's Hospice South West. 

The search for the missing ring, which was found in one of the collection buckets is on going.

Helen and the team would love to be able to reunite the ring with it’s owner as they believe it fell off when someone was giving a generous donation. The ring was found in a Children’s Hospice South West’s collection bucket on The Sea Horse tripper boat earlier on this year.

If you,  a family member, or friend believe this ring might be yours please contact Helen Glenn on Facebook or please get in touch with Radio Scilly and we’ll pass along your details.

You can call us on 01720 423263/423417 or you can email us at You can hear the full interview with Helen Glenn below.